About Me

I am a new software developer grad from Digital Crafts where I learned skills to advance my knowledge of software and web development. Currently I am seeking a software engineer entry level opportunity.

Outside of my desire to learn and become a great developer, I enjoy spending time gardening and developing figure sculptures and busts out of clay.

pic of landing page for ArtMatch

Art Match

Art Match is an app that will let a user browse through artistic pieces and play a memory card game with the art. This is a solo React project.

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Group Projects

Below are some of the group projects I have participated in during my time at DigitalCrafts.

pic of a art page for Salon


Salon is an app that will let a user browse through artistic pieces and start a conversation virtually. Users can create an account that lets them leave reviews of individual artwork and also comment on others reviews. This is a fullstack project that was completed as part of a four person team remotely.

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pic of landing page for Global Snake

Global Snake

Global Snake is a website used to find interesting information about any country you want to travel to. The site will show weather information about the capital, satellite maps of the country, type of currency, population, and much more.

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pic of title screen for Python Racing

Python Racing

A python-based command-line racing game built as a 4-person team project.

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pic of landing page for j.DevSpace


j.DevSpace brings emerging software developers into a supportive and educational environment of tools and resources necessary for career success. This app features four “Dashboard” components: news, flashcards, videos, and jobs.

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